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Tandem Plus

Are you interested in foreign languages or cultures? Maybe you've been or are planning to go abroad? How would you like to be able to improve your language and intercultural skills in a fun and informal way?
The idea of a Tandem Partner is simple and ingenious - find a partner who speaks the language you want to practice, and offer your language and culture in exchange. We're here to help make it happen.



Information and Advice

What is our Tandem Plus? What are the advantages of a language and culture tandem? Here you can find the answers and useful advice.



Registration for Tandem

Here you can easily register for Tandem Plus. 




Periodically we organize events where you have the chance to get to know other tandem pairs, share ideas and information, and meet new people. You can find the events here.



Language Tandem Certificate

Participation certificates are available on request. In order to be eligible to receive one, you need to attend at least four meetings with your language partner during one semester and hand in a language meeting form.