Cockpit of the future

Der Fahrzeuginnenraum von morgen | Gastvortrag in englischer Sprache

"Change is technology" – a statement of an exciting and innovative guest lecture the automotive supplier Faurecia presented on 13th of December, 2018 at the faculty of Management Science and Engineering.

Faurecia was founded in 1997 and is a global leader in automotive technology. The company provides innovative solutions to automotive challenges and operates in three main business units: seating, interiors and clean mobility. Moreover, Faurecia accompanies the world’s largest automobile manufacturers during the whole development process of a vehicle which will become more and more cleaner, lighter, comfortable and customized. Just this year Faurecia won the German Innovation Award for their developments.

Prof. Dr. Hendrik Rust welcomed Sebastian Wandtke, Senior Manager Innovation, and Alexander Hasler, Business Development Director, as well as their colleagues Nicole Machei, Eva Lützelschwab and Sören Rost who took time to join the event as well. As a special guest Mr. Dr. Belias, Head of Department Economy and Trade, Consulate General Germany, who was visiting the Karlsruhe Hochschule of Applied Sciences attended the event.

Mr. Wandtke and Mr. Hasler presented valuable insights about the cockpit of the future and emphasized that the common vehicle will not only change its interior design. Autonomous driving, smart life on board, acoustic innovations, personalized climate as well as low energy consumption will expect us in the future. Driving in a “climate bubble” for enhanced health and a wellness feeling will excite customers in a changing world.

To demonstrate some of these innovations Faurecia not only showed a futuristic door panel of a Mercedes-Benz S-Class as well as an innovative Tesla dashboard, but invited the audience to get a feeling of the future by touching the displayed items.

The faculty of Management Science and Engineering thanks Faurecia very much for their effort to show the students latest technologies and projects and for the interesting discussion.


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