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On Employing Interns

For companies getting international interns employed is very promising. Young interns may bring in new ideas. Nowadays in the framework of globalization, European companies tend to look eastwards: engaging an Asian intern may be of special interest.

The internship supports the improvement of trade relations with the other country of concern. The work placement can serve as recruiting tool for the enterprise. Interns may strengthen the competitive position of your company by bringing in "fresh blood".

Engaging an international intern can help you to flesh out promising ideas and projects pending for implementation. An intern delivers extra hands and brain to your team. International interns may tend to prefer longer internships up to 6 month and longer internships are more promising for companies, for they allow a better return on investment. Furthermore, employing international interns is a way to get acquainted with other cultures: This option for internationalization will give your staff members the opportunity to exercise their knowledge in English and improve their intercultural competencies.

PROs for Engaging Interns from the ASEM WPP

Companies will be relieved of a considerable organizational effort required by employing an international intern participating in the ASEM WPP. Engaging international interns may cause additional organizational effort for a mentor in the human resources department of your company: checking of documents, administering of the ZAV and so on. The coordinator of the ASEM WPP at the Center of Competence of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences will employ all his experience with exchange students and practical semesters to assure a smooth segue. 

KORR/BEST is the coordination office for practical semester/Baden-Württemberg Partnership for the Exchange of Students, Graduates and Knowledge Transfer. It already conducts the Erasmus placement for 41 universities in Baden-Württemberg and holds long experiences in helping students to find a suitable work placement. The German UBN for ASEM WPP is placed together with the KORR/BEST under the roof of the Center of Competence at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

The Center of Competence provides relevant information for students and interns as well as for companies interested in national and international interns.

THE ASEM WPP additionally provides opportunity for evaluation and monitoring of the Work Placement Programme. The aim is to set and establish certain quality standards for work placements between Asian and European UBNs.


Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences is offering the Jobwall for incoming students and companies. At the Jobwall of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, your company has the possibility to enter job offers or offers for internships, diploma/bachelor/master thesis free of charge

First you need to register: here

Additionally, your offer will be printed and published on our job boards on campus. In this way, all students can be informed about your offer and apply as fast as possible.


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