For Outgoing Interns from Europe to Asia


For outgoing interns the WPP provides certain services:

Point of Entry (contact to the UBN abroad)

The ASEM Work Placement Programme provides a specific point of entry to students doing their internship. The intern gets contacts to established University-Business-Networks (UBNs) abroad and is able to apply according to his or her area of study at companies being associated in the UBN.

The UBN provides each student accepted in the ASEM WPP at least one contact in Thailand, Indonesia and Brunei relevant to his or her area of study.

Time Schedule (as a guideline for the planing process)

(in progress)

The planning of an internship abroad should start one semester (6-7 month) in advance. The application process to the ASEM WPP has to be launched before the search for an internship could start.

The students apply firsthand in the ASEM WPP at the Center of Competence of the Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. The project coordinator in this UBN decides, if they gain a promotion by the ASEM WPP.

The selection criteria for students supported by the ASEM WPP will be as follows:

  • extent of former international experience (more international experience is interpreted as a Pro for the student: +);
  • internship involving credits (+) or not (-);
  • relevance of the internship in the framework of career goals (+);
  • study results in the transcript of records.

If the student is promoted by the ASEM WPP, he or she will get the contacts to the companies abroad interested in interns with the concerning area of study. This will considerably support his or her quest for a proper internship offering. Yet, in order to increase their chances students are strongly advised to look for internships beyond the provided list of contacts.

Students need to get a formal approval of their faculties to participate in the ASEM WPP to secure the credit recognition for their practical semester.

For working abroad interns may need a working permit and accident, health as well as liability insurances. The students are highly recommended to search for the relevant informations about the formal conditions of working in their target country (Thailand, Indonesia or Brunei) as soon as possible.

Intercultural training

We are currently developing modules to be offered at Studium Generale. In the meantime feel free to develop your intercultural competence individually through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) such as: 

A world of difference

Establishing a Professional ‘Self’ through Effective Intercultural Communication

Intercultural Communication


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