The Institut für die Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung IWW (Institute for Continuing Education in the Sciences) is a central institution at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. The IWW initiates, promotes and organizes further education programs. It is the go-between for people offering and seeking further education, organizing public relations for continuing education matters, and it co-ordinates the collaboration of all concerned partners.

The IWW also organizes and carries out long-term further education, e.g. contact study, which is usually organized as a part-time program that complements a job, or the professional part-time master's program in Electrical Engineering (M.Eng.).

Our program, in German, is offered by the Institute for Continuing Education in the Sciences. For special requests, please contact the IWW directly.

For further information, please see the IWW's German-language pages.


Prof. Dr. Hagen Krämer
Tel.: +49(0)721 925-2810
Ms Frauke Höfler
Tel: +49(0)721 925-2812

Amalienstr. 81-87, 76133 Karlsruhe
Fax +49(0)721 925-2811

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