Final thesis

Students must write a final bachelor's or master's thesis in order to graduate. This is a piece of academic work carried out and documented independently by the student under guidance of a supervisor, usually a HsKA professor. In most cases, HsKA students prepare their thesis outside the University as a project in a company, dealing with a real-life problem. 

Information about the study credits and their weighting towards the final grade can be found in the Curriculum and Examination Regulations (part B) of the respective degree program.

After successful completion of the studies the University confers the academic grade of "Bachelor” or "Master” followed by respective addendum: of Arts, of Business Administration, of Engineering, of Science.

A bachelor degree entitles the holder to apply for a master's program at a university of applied sciences (Fachhochschule) or a university.

If the student has exceeded the maximum program duration, but the thesis is the only study credit outstanding in order to graduate, it is possible to finish it as "Externer Examenskandidat" (external candidate). For this, the student de-registers at his / her own request at the end of the semester, but the thesis can be handed in within two more semesters after deregistration. The candidate is not registered as a student, does not need to apply for extension of the program duration, and does not need to pay further study fees.