Guidance & advice

Where to ask for guidance

Offering advice and guidance for our students is important for us. You will find different institutions to help you with matters arising in the course of your studies:

Studying in Germany

First information about studying in Germany: You are not sure yet where to study, or which program? These institutions might be able to help

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General counseling

The Service Center for Teaching and Learning (Service-Center Studium und Lehre, SCSL) is your first choice for getting advice on which program might be most suitable for you.

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Student Registry

The Student Registry, which coordinates administrative procedures, will help you with questions concerning application and registration.

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Faculty Advisors

The Faculty Advisors help you with program-specific matters, questions about changing the university or study program, or for traineeship questions.

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International Office

The IO offers:

  • For international students: evaluation of students' application documents and counseling on admission requirements
  • For exchange students from partner institutions and students of international programs: Advice on organizing your stay before coming to Karlsruhe, accommodation, financial matters, insurance matters, visa questions.
  • For current students: Advice on possibilities and conditions of study abroad semesters and financing possibilities.
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Student Services

The Student Services helps with organizing matters of everyday living.

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What are the fees I need to pay for studying at HsKA?

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Financing and scholarships

Information about budgeting and scholarships

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Information about small part time jobs, internship semester, and work after graduating.

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Faculty of Architecture & Civil Engineering

Degree programAdvising professorsOffice hours/building and room no.Contact by:
email (name[at] or
phone (+49 721 925-
Phone of the secretary (+49 721 925-
Architecture, Bachelor (ARTB)

Program-specific matters:
Prof. A. Günster

Tue 1-2 p.m., upon appointment /
B 511
Traineeship matters:
Prof. A. Adrianowytsch

Wed, 12–12:30 p.m. /
B 511

Change of program matters:
Prof. E. Möller
Wed 1:30-2 p.m. /
B 511
Civil Engineering, Bachelor & Master (BIWB, BIWM)Program-specific matters:
Prof. Dr. M. Baumann
Upon appointment /
B 312b
Traineeship matters:
Prof. Dr. H-J. Walther
Upon appointment /
B 310a
Civil Engineering Tri-national, Bachelor & Master (BITB, BITM)Program-specific matters:
Prof. Dr. C. Wittland
Upon appointment /
B 312
Construction Management & Economics, Bachelor (BMBB)Program-specific matters, traineeship matters:
Prof. Dr. K. Schubert
Upon appointment /
B 407a
Construction Management, Master (BMNM)Program-specific matters:
Prof. Dr. H. Hütter
Upon appointment /
B 506


Infrastructure Engineering, Bachelor (ISEB)Program-specific matters:
Prof. Dr. M. Baumann

Upon appointment /
B 312b


Stand: 6 November, 2018

Senate Ombudsman for International Students

The Senate Ombudsman for International Students - currently Professor Leize - is nominated by the Senate of Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences to help international students if they experience trouble with any member of HsKA. For example, if you run into a conflict with a fellow student or professor, or if you feel that you are treated unfairly or differently from other students, the Senate Ombudsman will try to mediate the conflict. Experience shows that this method is usually successful.

Therefore please feel free to contact the Senate Ombudsman as early as possible. Of course he will work discreetly and protect your privacy if you wish.

Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Thorsten Leize
Building P, room 212
Tel.: 0721-925-1373
Email: thorsten.leize[at]

Office hours: Thur 10:15 - 11:45 a.m. and by appointment

Equal Opportunities Officer

The Equal Opportunities Officer helps with gender-related problems.

Service-Center Studium und Lehre (Service Center for Teaching and Learning)

The Service-Center Studium und Lehre (SCSL) is your contact for all study-related questions during every stage of your studies, starting with choice of program and first days at HsKA up to your graduation. 

Liaison Office for Integrated Traineeships (KOOR)

KOOR offers advice for HsKA students who wish to do an internship abroad, and for foreign students who wish to do an internship in German. More...