Six leading universities of applied sciences in the field of engineering sciences form the "German Alliance of Applied Sciences" HAWtech (HAWtech). The partner universities are: Aachen University of Applied Sciences, Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, Dresden University of Applied Sciences, Esslingen University of Applied Sciences and Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences.

Exchange semester at a partner university

Regular degree students are offered the opportunity to spend a study semester at one of the HAWtech partners, thus gaining experience in a different place, becoming more flexible - a trait valued greatly by future employers - , and becoming familiar with a new specialization in the partner's special field of expertise.

How to apply

The program is suitable for students in the fields of electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. Exchange usually takes place in the fourth semester. The host university may be chosen freely, depending on availability.

Application deadline is 30 April for exchange in winter semester and 30 October for exchange in summer semester. Please contact the Director of the study program for further counseling and to select the modules for study. The study results are then transferred back at the home university, to count towards the degree.

For details please see the website of HAWtech. (German-language)