Erfolgreich starten international (esi)

Study Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Karlsruhe, one of the leading technology regions in Germany

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The advantages for you:

The esi program makes it possible for you to begin studying Electrical Engineering and Information Technology with a minimum of B1 German. The first semester is extended into two semesters (1a and 1b) with tuition in German and English. This gives you time to take advantage of the free, tailor-made German language courses that are part of the curriculum. From your second year, tuition is in German. The Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) is a four-year degree program, for EU nationals tuition is free.
The esi-Team can advise you regarding any questions you may have about university life and about settling into Karlsruhe.

Your German engineering degree:

  • The internship in industry is a compulsory part of the degree. Through this experience, you will establish important ties with German companies ensuring an excellent start to your career, with the prospect of earning a competitive salary.
  • Many of the companies in Baden-Württemberg – also known as ‘hidden champions’ – are active in the global market. The internship semester also provides you with an opportunity to earn an income while studying. Furthermore, your thesis topic and placement are an opportunity to strengthen your ties with potential future employers.

Choose your area of specialization:

The first two years are the same for all EIT students. Thereafter you can choose between six different fields of specialization: Industrial Automation, Electromobility and Autonomous Systems, Power Engineering and Renewable Energy, Information Technology, Sensor Technology and environmental Instrumentation. 

Do you have questions? We would be happy to hear from you – call us or send a mail.
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Apply now to study Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

Five steps to the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology in Karlsruhe

Application deadline: 20 August 2020

1. Registration for the program "Erfolgreich starten international"

Complete this webform.

2. Arrange your German University Entrance certification (HZB)

  • If you already have the HZB then go to step two.
  • If you come from the EU and you do not have the German HZB then send your certificates to us, we will check them for you.
    Hochschule Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft
    Studentische Abteilung
    Moltkestr. 30
    76133 Karlsruhe
  • If you do not have the German HZB and you are from a country outside the EU, then check the next drop down menu for information for applicants from other countries.

3. Apply online for the Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. The online portal will be opened soon.

a. Register here at Follow the instructions on the confirmation mail. For the next steps you need the BID and BAN numbers.
b. Click here to go to the online application portal. There you can register with BID and BAN. After activating your account by processing the confirmation email, you can apply online.
c. After you have submitted your online application, you will again receive a confirmation email.

4. Print your accreditation (admission)
After the online submission of the application, the university sets the application to "valid", carries out the admission procedure and sends selected applicants admission offers via the Hochschulstart-Application website. You will receive these admission offers by e-mail after 20 August.
Once the admission offer has been accepted, the Bachelor's notification of admission can be retrieved in the application portal and printed.

5. Send your enrolment application to the university

Fill out your enrolment application on the platform and send it to the university with the necessary documents. You must provide proof of your German level B1 and your English level B2 (according to the CEFR) when you enrol. For non-EU citizens the tuition fees per semester are €1,500. An administration fee, which is currently €162,70 (as of May 2019), must be paid by all students. You can find more information in German here. If you have any questions, please contact us.

As soon as all documents have been received, we will post your Campus Card to you.

Information on eligibility - You went to school outside the EU?

You do not have a German university entrance qualification (HZB)?

Please send your school report and, if available, the results of a university entrance examination to the following address:

Hochschule Karlsruhe - Technik und Wirtschaft
Studentische Abteilung
Moltkestr. 30
76133 Karlsruhe

We will check whether this corresponds to a German higher education entrance qualification.

There are three possibilities:

1. Your school leaving certificate corresponds to the German HZB. You will receive the so-called ASK certificate, which certifies this equivalence and gives the converted grade.

2. Your school leaving certificate does not correspond to the German HZB, but you have already successfully studied a few semesters in a related course in your home country. These semesters are credited. You will receive the ASK certificate, which certifies this equivalent and gives the converted grade.

3. Your school leaving certificate does not correspond to the German HZB. You can apply to the Studienkolleg at the University of Konstanz to do a preparatory year in the T-course (for technical courses). The T-course also includes German language lessons. In order to get a place in the T-course, you need B1 German language skills. If you pass the Feststellungsprüfung at the end of the preparatory year, you are entitled to enter higher education for all technical degree programmes.

Special support

The esi-Team is here to help.

When you arrive in Karlsruhe we have information about places to live, finding a job and settling into Karsruhe.

We also assist you with information and advice while you are studying for your degree.For example with information about learning centres (e.g.: for electrical engineering, mathematics, digital technology and German as a foreign language). Meeting students from higher semesters is a good way to find our more about your courses and what to expect. When it comes to finding a placement for your internship or arranging a topic and company for your bachelor thesis we can provide support and advice, and assist you to contact excellent companies in Baden-Württemberg.

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