Application and admission

Exchange students are international students who attend Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences for part of their studies, but who do not complete their studies/degree here in Germany. The duration of their stay is normally for a maximum period of one year. Your institutional and departmental coordinators will check your application to see if a study semester abroad is suitable for you.

Basic information at a glance: HsKA factsheet

Application requirements

  • You must be registered as a student at a partner university. Free Movers within Europe can be accepted upon individual evaluation only.
  • Sufficient language skills at B-level are an important prerequisite.
  • At least 2 completed semesters of university studies at home university.

Application documents

  • Filled-in and signed application form. Please use online application, because forms filled in by hand will not be accepted.
  • Valid learning agreement (download form here)
  • Current transcript of records from your home university
  • If you apply for a thesis or wish to apply for an internship semester: attach a short description of the topic area
  • Copy of passport

Application process

Please contact the coordinator at your home institution for advice about the cooperation details with HsKA. Please note: Some courses are pass/fail, no mark will be given. If your coordinator insists that a course you do at HsKA must carry a mark, please inform us in advance so that we can find a solution.

The normal fulltime student workload per semester is 30 ECTS credits. Complete the Learning Agreement form with a list of courses you would like to take during your stay at HsKA, and which fit into your home university study profile. This will allow for transfer of the credits back to your home university.
This learning agreement must be approved by both institutions.

After consulting the coordinator of your home university, please fill in the application form at the online application portal. There you will find details about the application procedure.

Application milestones

October - November (for summer semester) /

March - April (for winter semester):

Get information on the (ECTS) program from your home university's departmental or institutional coordinator. Set up your learning agreement. Please note: your exchange semester at HsKA must start in the following semester, it is not possible to apply 1 year in advance.

30 November (for summer semester) /
31 May (for winter semester):

Send your application form, transcript and learning agreement via online application portal to the HsKA International Office.
Students who need a visa should bear in mind that the visa application process may take up to ten weeks. We strongly recommend that those students apply no later than May 15 / November 15.

January (for summer semester) /
July (for winter semester):

You will receive information whether you have been accepted and receive the following forms:

  • Application for Accommodation
  • Application for Intensive German Language Course

Please return the completed forms immediately to the International Office.


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