Virtual Campus Day on 18th November 2020, 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

Get informed, get your career on track

This year is quite different. This also entails that the HsKA Campus Day cannot take place on-campus as usual. But you are invited to meet HsKA in our virtual Campus Day!

Get informed, get involved, get connected

To get an impression of our university even if you are not there: Our specially-designed website makes this possible by providing information, videos, presentations, workshops, virtual tours of HsKA premises, and guidance on our degree programs. Via live-meetings, you can connect to our students, professors, and counselors who are waiting to answer your questions about HsKA and studying, financing, application, general studies and language courses, and career.

You will find the full program of the live events on the Virtual Campus Day website in November. Also, right now you can access the videos and information material of the previous Virtual Campus Day.

Finding your choice of study made easy

In order to select the most suitable study programs according to your strengths and inclinations you might want to try out the search engine "Bachelor-Kompass digital“ (in German language only). In a few steps you will be given some recommendations about those HsKA programs closest matching your requirements.