Institute for Sensor and Information Systems (ISIS)

Research in the field of sensor technology at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology is concentrated in the Institute for Sensor and Information Systems (ISIS), where scientists from the various areas of electrical engineering, physics, chemistry, and IT work together by contributing their different knowledge to design sensor and information systems.


Institute for Digital Materials Science (IDM)

The Institut für Digitale Materialforschung IDM (Institute for Digital Materials Science) focuses on the development of new modelling techniques. These and the simulation software Pace3D make it possible to design materials, optimise production processes in a virtual environment and thus provide fundamental knowledge as well as use this knowledge for practical applications.


Institut für Energieeffiziente Mobilität (IEEM)

The projects carried out at the IEEM focus on efficient, intelligent, and innovative future mobility. Research includes the range of electric vehicles, optimizing existing motor technology on the institute's test facility for climate and altitude simulation, as well as efficient transport of goods. The IEEM also deals with the subject areas intelligent infrastructures, artificial intelligence, information security for vehicles, and cyber-physical systems.


Research groups at IAF:


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