2006 Karriere (Handelsblatt) ranking

This national ranking by the career and business magazine, Karriere, published by the Handelsblatt group, was based on a survey amongst more than 50,000 students and graduates as well as personnel managers of 1,000 big companies. For the first time in Germany quality criteria such as length of study, teacher-student ratio and international orientation were taken into account. Both in the areas of Computer Science and Engineering HsKA was ranked third amongst all universities of applied sciences. In the opinion of the personnel mana­gers, HsKA came second in Com­puter Science and first in Engineering.

June 2006

2006 CHE ranking

Which university gets you into shape for your job? According to CHE and the Personnel Marketing working group, composed of personnel managers of 34 major German companies, about 20% of all bachelor degree programmes in Business Administration fail to prepare their graduates adequately for the job market. Twelve out of 100 universities that were evaluated, however, were judged to have taken exemplary measures in that respect. HsKA’s International Management degree program was the only one to achieve very good marks in three of the four areas under scrutiny, and was therefore ranked first in the view of the professionals who conducted this evaluation.

March 2006