A Business Simulation Photo Story: Face to Face Week in Karlsruhe

Monday, October 21th 2019

Kick off the International Strategies! On the first day we got general information about the course and then we had time to get familiar with our new team. After school we went to a restaurant to enjoy the evening with new friends.
(Autoren: Noora Munkki, Elisa Virtanen, Niclas Weinbrecht, Marou Misch)

Tuesday, October 22th 2019

On our second day Professor Schorb introduced us to the Balanced Scoreacard. Afterwards we got to know the Cesim System and the groups selected an expert for every field. This selection was followed by an expert conference. We also started our first practice round and learned from mistakes made. Furthermore we discussed key figures and developed our team strategies which we have to present on Thursday.
(Autoren: Anthony Baxter, Eveliina Harjunpää, Janine Busch, Lina Carmen Neininger)

Wednesday, October 23th 2019

We started the day with practice round 2. We decided a strategy plan for our company together as a team. After this Dr. Joachim Lembach came to visit and told us about the international activities of HsKA. In the afternoon we reviewed the results of practice rounds, decision making and key figures.

After this we went for lunch with another team and finished our pitch for the next morning. In the evening all of us gathered together and went to the Hoepfner Brewery. It was very fascinating to see how and where the beer is made. After the tour through the brewery, we got to taste a lot of different beers. All of us had a lot of fun and we continued our night by going out for dinner and drinks.
(Autoren: Oona Komulainen, Mirva Moilanen, Isabel Johne, Benedikt Borowsky)

Thursday, October 24th 2019

We started the fourth day with our company pitch presenting our team strategies. Each team got 20 minutes to present the strategy privately and then discussed the strategy with the teacher. After a lecture on Cash Management we started playing the first real round of our business simulation. Each team had two hours to walk through the simulation and take all the important decisions. At 4 pm the results were online and we had the chance to analyse the results before having a short break. In the evening we met at the Badisch Brauhaus for our farewell dinner. We had a good time enjoying typical German food and drinks, including Bananabeer, Beeramisu and a lot of Schnitzel.
(Autoren: Patrik Forsman, Katariina Juuti, Anke Meier, Isabel Haberstroh)

Friday, October 25th 2019

On Friday we played the second round on the Cesim system. We already got familiar with the game so every round became easier than previous round. In our team we had instructive discussions about our decisions, and we worked very well as a team. International teamwork is something new for us and so far, it went very well. We have learned a lot during this week regarding decision making and international teamwork. We were able to create an atmosphere where we trusted each other and everyone added something valuable to our team. After the official part ended, we all went to a restaurant where they serve the famous German “Curry Wurst”. As the last cultural part of our F2F week we went to the beautiful Karlsruhe castle before most of us started their journey home.
(Autoren: Nhi Huynh, Jenna Suvela, Kai Müller, Jonathan Brecht)


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